Perfect Life Frame.

People tend to create image. They set their social media feed with happy faces, doing fun things; beautifully captured with nice caption to read. It seems so perfect. They must live a happy life, have a pretty wife, or great looking (and responsible loving) husband, cute kids, luxury brand stuff and bla bla bla. How … Continue reading Perfect Life Frame.

Tentang anak,

Buat mayoritas orang yang sudah menikah, dikaruniai anak menjadi hal yang ditunggu-tunggu. Awal menikah gw juga sempet kena fase itu. Rasanya gak sabar dan deg-deg-an setiap kali mendekati waktu haid. Harap-harap cemas saat haid terlambat, check test pack, dan kecewa—bahkan nangis! Saat haid datang atau test pack masih saja 1 strip. Sampai ditahun kedua pernikahan … Continue reading Tentang anak,

one fine day,

When was the last time you had an insightful conversation with someone? Mine, just last Saturday. This someone is my good friend from college. I know him quite well back then and I know how much he grows into a decent young man. I always know he has lots of potential in him. And I … Continue reading one fine day,